2004 & Earlier

Press Releases, News Articles & More

Listed below are links to a sampling of press releases, news articles and other interesting items regarding the Waitt Foundation and our many grantees and projects. All links are listed in reverse chronological order by year, with the most recent items first. Press releases issued directly by the Waitt Foundation are indicated with a double asterisk (**) before the name of the article.


12/01 ** Waitt Foundation Awards $1.5 Million in Grants to San Diego Nonprofit Organizations

10/21 **Tech Power Day Celebrated in San Diego

10/12 **Despite a County-wide Rise in Access to PCs and the Internet, Study Shows South County Residents Disproportionately Lack Access to Technology

06/01 **Waitt Foundation Underwrites Founding Fathers Campaign to Mobilize Men to Take Stand Against Violence

05/05 **Men Take Stand to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children Briefing With Senators Joseph Biden (D-DE) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

03/26 Kickoff Monday for Siouxland Men’s Campaign Against Violence

02/01 **Nativity Prep Uses Grant to Connect With the Digital Age


12/19 ** Waitt Foundation Delivers Glad Holiday Tidings to Local San Diego Community-Building Efforts

12/01 The Top Givers: Today’s philanthropists aren’t leaving the good works to future generations–they’re making their mark now (Business Week)

10/28 Waitt Foundation Makes Disaster Donation to Red Cross

09/23 The Waitt Foundation to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

09/17 2-1-1 Call Center to Offer Access to Services

08/01 ** Lessons in Philanthropy: What We Have Learned About Building Communities


05/21 Waitt Foundation and PowerUP Bring Technology to More Than 20,000 San Diego Area Children and Their Families

05/21 San Diego Youth Can Keep In Touch With Technology This Summer

05/11 Partnership Develops Sioux City History Web Site


09/12 **Waitt Foundation Donates $100,000 To Red Cross in Support of NYC and Washington, D.C. Relief Efforts

08/28 **RTA to Launch “Digital Connections” Community Outreach Program Countywide

08/22 **Interfaith Community Services Celebrates Opening of New HQ and Launch of Waitt Foundation PowerUP Site

08/21 **The Waitt Foundation and Cox Communications Dedicate PowerUP Tech Center at the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside

02/24 Eureka Communities Names Seven San Diego Non-Profit Executives to Mentoring Fellowship Designed to Improve Services to the Community

02/14 **The Waitt Foundation Announces $500,000 Grant to Technology in Early Education Program

02/02 **Waitt Foundation Funds Eureka Communities’ Education Program for Non-Profit Leaders; San Diego Non-Profit CEOs Benefit


09/27 Innovative New Program Expands the Concept of Mentoring

08/10 AOL Launches New PowerUP Site to Provide Positive Youth Development Opportunities Through Technology


09/22 Still Running With the Cows; For Now, the Founder of Gateway Sticks to His Roots

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