2005 – 2009

Press Releases, News Articles & More

Listed below are links to a sampling of press releases, news articles and other interesting items regarding the Waitt Foundation and our many grantees and projects. All links are listed in reverse chronological order by year, with the most recent items first. Press releases issued directly by the Waitt Foundation are indicated with a double asterisk (**) before the name of the article.


12/14 National Geographic Adventure Magazine Labels Calit2 Researcher Among Top 10 Adventurers of the Year

12/08 Genetic Diversity of Latin Americans is Celebrated at Genographic Project Event in Miami

11/10 ABC’s “The Middle” Star Patricia Heaton to Speak in Sioux City

10/16 Waitt Foundation Project Develops Whole Brain CatalogTM

09/21 Alexandra Grosvenor Eller and Ted Waitt are Elected to National Geographic Board of Trustees

08/17 Polar Research: NWT Residents Give DNA

07/09 Celebrating the Nexus of Science and Philanthropy

07/09 NGS/Waitt Grants: Summer of Exploration and Expeditions for San Diego Researchers

06/13 The End of the Line Film

06/13 The End of the Line

03/11 AERA’s New Home in Cairo


12/14 Photo In The News: New Deep-Sea Reefs Found With Sonar

10/27 ** Whole Brain Project Announcement

06/19 Museum Announces $3 Challenge Gift From Waitt Foundation and Start of Public Fundraising Campaign

05/02 Salk Basks in $20M Waitt Foundation Grant

05/01 Salk Gets $20 Million Donation

05/01 Waitt Foundation and Foundation President and Philanthropist Ted Waitt Award $20 Million Grant to Establish Advanced Biophotonics Center at the Salk Institute

04/09 National September 11 Memorial & Museum Succeeds Reaching $350 Million Capital Fundraising Goal

02/12 Four Cutting-Edge Projects Receive First National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants

01/29 From Here to There: The Nanotechnology Roadmap


12/24 Waitt Family Continues Gateway Foundation’s Legacy of Giving in Sioux City

12/18 The Waitt family, its foundations touch every sector of Siouxland life

06/19 Journey to the Copper Age: Tracing the History of a Technological Revolution


10/17 **The Waitt Family Foundation Becomes Major Sponsor of the Upcoming Exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls

07/02 Computer Entrepreneur Searches for Gateway to Knowledge

05/08 Genographic Launches Legacy Fund

04/07 ‘Gospel of Judas’ Offers Contrarian View of Jesus

04/06 Ancient Text Titled ‘Gospel of Judas’ is Authenticated, Translated

04/06 THE LOST GOSPEL: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot

04/06 ‘Gospel of Judas’ Surfaces After 1,700 Years

03/09 Salk Board of Trustees adds three prominent San Diegans to its leadership


06/21 Foresight Nanotech Institute Launches Nanotechnology Roadmap

04/13 National Geographic and IBM Launch Landmark Project to Map How Humankind Populated the Planet

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