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The Waitt Foundations endeavors to encourage collaboration throughout the ocean conservation community, facilitate open data sharing, and sponsor research critical to understanding the ecological, economic, food security, and social importance of sustainable fisheries and marine protected areas.

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Waitt Foundation Ocean Expedition Reports

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Food Limitation of Sea Lion Pups and the Decline of Forage off Central and Southern California ( March 2016): Sam McClatchie, John Field, Andrew R. Thompson, Tim Gerrodette, Mark Lowry, Paul C. Fiedler, William Watson, Karen M. Nieto, and Russell D. Vetter – Research Article

  • Evaluation of the Global Impacts of Mitigation on Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants in Marine Fish (January 2016): Lindsay T. Bonito, Amro Hamdoun, and Stuart A. Sandin – Research Article

  • Adaptive Evolution of Eel Fluorescent Proteins from Fatty Acid Binding Proteins Produces Bright Fluorescence in the Marine Environment (November 2015): David F. Gruber, Jean P. Gaffney, Shaadi Mehr, Rob DeSalle, John S. Sparks, Jelena Platisa, and Vincent A. Pieribone – Research Article

  • Organization Science: A New Prospective to Assess Marine Protected Areas Effectiveness (November 2015): Claudia Scianna, Federico Niccolini, Steve D. Gaines, and Paolo Guidetti – Research Article

  • Estimating Regions of Oceanographic Importance for Seabirds Using A-Spatial Data (September 2015): Grant Richard Woodrow Humphries – Research Article

  • Remaining questions in the case for balanced harvesting (June 2015):  Matthew G Burgess, Florian K Diekert, Nis S Jacobsen, Ken H Andersen, Steven D Gaines – Research Article

  • Toward a social science research agenda for large marine protected areas (June 2015): Rebecca L Gruby, Noella J Gray, Lisa M Campbell, Leslie Acton – Research Article

  • A global survey of “TURF-reserves”, Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries coupled with marine reserves (December 2014):  Jamie C Afflerbach, Sarah E Lester, Dawn T Dougherty, Sarah E Poon – Research Article

  • Panacetacea efforts for a participatory conservation planning of the dolphin watching industry in Bocas del Toro, Panama (2014):  Laura Johanna May-Collado, Lissette Trejos, Betzi Perez, Monica Gamboa-Poveda, Jose Julio Casas, Gabriel Jacome, and Angel Gonzalez – Research Article

  • Functional community structure of shallow hard bottom communities at Easter Island (Rapa Nui) (October 2014):  Evie A. Wieters1, Alba Medrano1 & Alejandro Pérez-Matus – Research Article

  • Marine Communities on Oil Platforms in Gabon, West Africa: High biodiversity oases in a low biodiversity environment (August 2014):  Alan M Friedlander, Enric Ballesteros, Michael Fay, Enric Sala – Research Article

  • Reflections on the success of traditional fisheries management (February 2014): Ray Hilborn and Daniel Ovando – Research Article

  • Integrating scientific guidance into marine spatial planning (February 2014):  Andrew Rassweiler, Christopher Costello, Ray Hilborn, David A. Siegel – Research Article

  • A global synthesis of the economic multiplier effects of marine sectors (February 2014):  Kelsey I Jacobsen, Sarah E Lester, Benjamin S Halpern – Research Article

  • Marine Spatial Planning in Asia and the Caribbean: Application and Implications for Fisheries and Marine Resource Management (January 2014): Robert S. POMEROY1*, Kimberly BALDWIN2, Patrick McCONNEY – Research Article

  • Encourage Sustainability by Giving Credit for Marine Protected Areas in Seafood Certification (December 2013): Sarah E. Lester, Christopher Costello, Andrew Rassweiler, Steven D. Gaines, Robert Deacon – Research Article

  • Integration of No-Take Marine Reserves in the Assessment of Data-Limited Fisheries (December 2013): Jono R. Wilson, Sarah R. Valencia, Matthew C. Kay and Hunter S. Lenihan – Research Article

  • A global synthesis of the economic multiplier effects of marine sectors (September 2013):  Kelsey I. Jacobsen, Sarah E. Lester, Benjamin S. Halpern – Research Article

  • A general business model for marine reserves (April 2013):  Enric Sala, Christopher Costello, Dawn Dougherty, Geoffrey Heal, Kieran Kelleher, Jason H Murray, Andrew A Rosenberg, Rashid Sumaila – Research Article

  • Values from the Resources of the Sargasso Sea (2013):  U.R. Sumaila, V. Vats and W. Swartz – Research Article

  • Coral reef survey of Aitutaki, Manuae, Mitiaro, Takutea, and Atiu in the southern Cook Islands (2013):  Rongo, Teina, Evans, Jacqueline, Passfield, Kelvin, Cramp, Jessica, Sudek, Mareike, Tautu, Ben, McDonald, Graham, Rongo, Teariki Charles, & Barbara Hanchard – Research Article

  • Here today, here tomorrow: Beached timber in Gabon, a persistent threat to nesting sea turtles (November 2012): Stephen K. Pikesley, Pierre Didier Agamboue, Eric Augowet Bonguno, François Boussamba, Floriane Cardiec, J. Michael Fay, Angela Formia, Brendan J. Godley, William F. Laurance, Brice Didier Koumba Mabert, Cheryl Mills, Gil Avery Mounguengui Mounguengui, Carine Moussounda, Solange Ngouessono, Richard J. Parnell, Guy-Philippe Sounguet, Bas Verhage, Lee White, Matthew J. Witt – Research Article

  • Efforts to enhance protection of the Sargasso Sea (November 2011):  Tammy M. Trott, Sheila A. McKenna, Joanna M. Pitt, Arlo Hemphill, Frederick W. Ming, Philippe Rouja, Kristina M. Gjerde, Billy Causey, Sylvia A. Earle – Research Article

  • Where is the Sargasso Sea? (2011):  Ardron, J., Halpin, P., Roberts, J., Cleary, J., Moffitt, M. and J. Donnelly – Research Article

  • The spatial expansion and ecological footprint of fisheries, 1950 to Present (December 2010): Wilf Swartz, Enric Sala, Sean Tracey, Reg Watson, Daniel Pauly – Research Article