A Rocha Ghana: Coastal Communities Managing Marine Resources


The project aims to empower coastal communities within the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site Area (MPRS) to sustainably manage their marine resources, for productive and profitable fisheries, coastal ecosystem conservation and/or resilience and rural improved livelihoods. The project will mobilize traditional will and action, build capacities of fishermen, restore degraded mangrove areas, promote ecosystem management approach, principles and values of good community governance, and effectively communicate the value and importance of sea turtles, mangroves including their ecosystem services, the threats to their sustainability, and the actions needed to protect them; for the conservation and management of marine ecosystems of the area.

A Rocha Ghana (ARG) is an environmental NGO that has emerged as a committed organization providing practical skills and conservation initiatives to a wide range of clientele, contributing to the sustainable management of important ecological habitats and initiating programmes aimed at facilitating target community’s ability to adapt, mitigate and enhance current environmental issues (climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, poor health, water shortage, rural poverty, etc.).


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