Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Documentary “Kia Over There”

Brett Monroe Garner-IMG_0898

Kia Over There, is a multimedia documentary by Chris Neighbors and Brett Garner employing film, photography, infield reporting, and social media. The documentary explores the story of a traditional fishing village in Fiji dealing with the effects of overfishing and environmental degradation, while focusing on the conservation methods they hope will preserve their home. Through interviews with locals and experts, the film places the stories of Kia Island in a global context. The film is bolstered by a stand-alone photography essay and a website that features blogging and interviews. These components provide the public with easily digested material that supplement the film while also reaching different audience members and venues.

Broadly, this project serves as an educational and communication tool. By witnessing the Kian’s predicament, audience members further understand the effect their actions have on distant fisheries and cultures. In addition it targets other fishing communities as an audience, inspiring reflection on fishing practices and responsibility for one’s own environment.

A project by Chris Neighbors and Brett Garner, with academic advising from Brad Erisman and support from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

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