Seas At Risk: Campaign for Clean and Healthy Seas by 2020

Seas At Risk is an umbrella organization of environmental NGOs from across Europe that promotes ambitious policies for marine protection at European and international level. Seas At Risk has 34 member organisations in 17 countries, representing millions of EU citizens that care deeply about the oceans. Members are national or international environmental non-governmental organizations.

Located in Brussels, Seas At Risk works to help drive European and international marine and maritime policies in a sustainable direction. While Seas At Risk pursues issues by participating in governance processes at international level (e.g. International Maritime Organization), EU level (working with the European Institutions) and regional level (e.g. OSPAR, North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission), our member organizations play an important role by helping to ensure the essential link to national settings.

Seas At Risk staff keep the member organizations informed of relevant policy developments and emerging issues, and individual member organizations help to ensure that national government delegations to international meetings are properly briefed and aware of the concerns of their national environment sector. They also help monitoring member states’ progress on implementing internationally agreed policy and provide Seas At Risk staff with a pool of expertise they can benefit from.

In support of this work, Seas At Risk collaborates with European, international and regional NGOs; facilitates exchange of information between members; gathers, analyses and disseminates information; coordinates joint responses to policy developments and public consultations; organizes workshops and seminars; and highlights environmental challenges and policy developments through its external communications work.

The purpose of this project is to organize a mini media campaign (that can be found here) to activate European citizens and get them to pressure their politicians to live up to their country’s legally-binding commitment to make our seas healthy and clean by 2020. The campaign will consist in the creation of a one-minute animation video that will bring in a positive message as to what could be achieved by 2020 (clean seas and beaches, replenished oceans) if European countries take more forceful action. It will be followed up by an online petition asking governments to step up action before it is too late.

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