The Black Fish: Tackling Illegal Shellfish Trade


Illegal fishing is on the rise. In one European country fishing inspectors are struggling to cope with the scale of the growing illegal shellfish trade. Most troubling, it is compliance within already established Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that is under threat. In the UK, one of the most prominent nations to promote marine conservation, The Black Fish has a strategic plan to train civilian investigators, involve volunteer pilots and operate private aircraft (Wildlife Air Service) to actively aid enforcers to seek out offenders that harvest shellfish illegally.

The Black Fish has been working since 2010, building a global civilian movement to end illegal overfishing. Training civilian fishing inspectors and developing innovative technologies to increase cost-effective monitoring at sea, The Black Fish facilitates civil society involvement in fisheries enforcement. Partnering with enforcement authorities, the work has a direct and measurable impact on realizing confiscations and prosecutions.


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