The Science Exchange: El Naranjo, Nayarit Coastal Habitats

The approved Costacapomo mega development on the Bay of Jaltemba in Nayarit, Mexico is a threat to fisheries’ stocks and related coastal habitats. The Science Exchange project will revive the turtle monitoring camp at El Naranjo with new infrastructure and fund a Mexican student intern to provide regular vigilance of environmental laws. The intern will perform two baseline scientific surveys to track the impacts of the development on fisheries’ habitats.

The Science Exchange was formed in 2006 with a vision to create leaders who use science, technology, and international teamwork to tackle global conservation issues. The mission is to train the next generation to become scientifically literate, international team players through hands-on field research internships. The Science Exchange fills a critical gap in educational programs by providing university-accredited field research internships for undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By working on small international teams, interns gain invaluable professional, cross-cultural, and language training. The focus on sea turtle and marine conservation research inspires interns to think outside the box to help reverse the extinction of these and other endangered species. The results are interns ready for the international job market, healthier sea turtle populations and oceans, and coastal communities that benefit from our collaboration.


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